Generator Hire

Generator Hire

Festival Hire are an owner operator business that has been in the Festival and Outdoor events business for years. They know that no festival, band or lighting show can go on without power. That’s why they invested their time and money into finding power sources for remote festivals and concert as well as venues without sufficient power sources. They offer affordable Generator Hire to their clients, not only to help them out with power for their festival, but to make sure that their Sound and Lighting equipment isn’t draining or damaging a power supply not built for their needs. They offer silenced diesel generators and other generators to keep the music and performance happening without a hitch.


Marquee Hire

Festival Hire are also a premium Marquee Hire company that will erect and pack down the marquees that will give your customers a place to be, get out of the rain and get a break away from the sun.

Festival Hire’s Marquee Hire is also available to create an indoor outdoor venues anywhere you need to. Upon request, they will hire you stages and sound equipment as well as marquees, to instantly turn your outdoor event into a weather proof concert venue. Just one of the things available with Festivel Hire.


NEED THOSE FINISHING TOUCHES?Event Hire extras - chair hire, table hire Brisbane Function Extras

Festival hire are here to help. We hire Function Extras, like tables, chairs, dry bars, low fencing (great for outdoor bars) and other festival needs which can be included in the quote we provide. Another great thing is that we will deliver these to you when you need them saving you time and effort, looking anywhere else. We know that putting on an event is chaos at times, so talk to the trusted team who knows what you need.



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