Outdoor Stage Hire For Any Event

Outdoor Stage HireOutdoor concerts and festivals are the bread and butter of the entertainment industry during summer. The best stage builders and suppliers, Festival Hire, know all about the summer time rush. Whether you have a one stage concert or multiple stage festival, you really need an outdoor stage hire company that know their stuff. Festival Hire has been building and supplying stages for some of the biggest festivals for years now. They know what you need to get that entertainment elevated just right.

Outdoor Stage Hire and Sizes

If you are planning to have a 10 piece band on any of your stages, you will need to accommodate them specifically. This means that your stage needs to fit your largest act on stage. Also if you are looking to have a separate fold back operator (most outdoor concerts and festival do), they’ll also need a place to stage and have their mixers. If you are looking to store equipment on stage overnight you’ll also need a place for that. So your size may vary from stage to stage, location to location. However, whatever the staging and equipment need, Festival Hire knows how to achieve this for you.

Other Things Festival Hire Can Supply

If you are looking for a great lighting and sound team, Festival Hire knows the best in the industry at great rates. They also have access to tents, marquees and barriers as well. Whatever you need to get the bands seen and heard, Festival Hire can help you do it.  

Whatever you need for your festival’s entertainment, Festival Hire can help. Contact Festival Hire today and find out what they can do for you and your festival.