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BIG Stages

For BIG events, you need a BIG stage. For MASSIVE events you perhaps need MULTIPLE stages. Over the past 15 years, Festival Hire has grown to offer 10 professional stages, varying in size and all fully portable. Our three biggest stages are specially designed for BIG events.

Our big stages have seen the feet of the Wiggles, Paul Kelly, The Cat Empire, Will Sparks, The Stafford Brothers, Timmy Trumpet, Havana Brown, Xfactor Contestants, countless tribute bands and more.

All of our stages come with a aluminum truss canopy, 2 x PA Wings, 2 sets of stairs, handrails, backdrop, engineering certification and black skirting. You can also add in stage rises, catwalk/s and side and back of house platforms to suit your performers and space.

For more information about our BIG stages, please contact us to discuss your needs.