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So you’re managing and promoting a festival or concert?Stage Supplier - Crowd Control Barriers

You love music and you know a bunch of musicians who you want to have a place to see them all in one place? Maybe you know there is a niche in the festival or concert industry for a specific band or genre that is under-represented? Or maybe you have taken over a festival and you need to know what you need to keep tabs on so that your festival continues to be a success. Here is the checklist for any festival or concert to make your job easier because everyone loves checklists!

1. Roles and Festival Objectives

At the outset you need to figure out what you what this festival to be about, who your target audience is and is it a one-off or recurring event. These are a good way to focus your efforts to market this event to, for example, a blues loving older crowd who want to make your event a yearly thing and this need to be clear in your mind from the start. A good idea is to do a business plan for this, it doesn’t to be a 35 page document but it should list a whole bunch of things, like website, media message, who is doing what when and where and so on.


If you are going into this, you are going to be making a business out of it, so this means, paying tax, defining profit direction, managing capital etc. So this means you need to know what business type you are going to use whether it is an Incorporated Association, Co-operative, Company limited by guarantee or Proprietary limited company. You also need to enter into a contract with any parties that will be putting in time, effort and money. This need to be the next thing after defining what your objective is.


It’s important to think about what venue or field you need for the size of festival you want. If you think you could get 150 people though the gates, maybe the back of a pub or club, or even a small hall but if you are thinking huge, maybe an outdoor showground or something. You need enough space to hold your event with wiggle room for your patrons.


This is a crucial part whether festival raise and fall. Do you have the money upfront, will you work of invoices, will you have combination for capital, loans and invoicing. Also what amount of money do you have for things, like security, artists, PA hire, etc. Look at all your options and make the best decision you can to make it profitable for everyone


These are sometimes overlooked in the excitement of an idea coming together. In the day and age of lawsuits and payouts, you need to make sure you are covered with enough insurance that if something was to go wrong you are covered from the first peg is hammered to the end of the packing up process.


Every state is different, but by law you have to have a number of security officers on site at any one time. If we are talking alcohol  and potential drug taking then you need to have secure fencing where you have bottle neck at the gate where your security can check the patrons at entry and exit to ensure that you are covered for illegal active, such as dealing and underage drinking.


Finally, the last thing to tick off before you start the booking artists and getting the ball rolling is you need a place to have artists where they are heard and protected from a mobbing of the stage. If you are looking to hold a massive event, you might what to consider the amount of stages and space your artists need. If you are running a concert that’s a one stage or a big 10 stage festival, people like FESTIVAL HIRE staging companies can take out the guessing work from getting your artists seen, heard and safe.


If you would like to have a look at your staging, PA and crowd control barrier options feel free to Contact FESTIVAL Hire to get a quote and have a chat about what they can provide you to make your festival a success.


THAT’S IT. Once you have cover all of these bases your can start the artist booking, tickets sales and patronage to your one-off or recurring event. It’s a lot of planning and work but if you do this early you with save yourself a lot of heartache.


We hope this help you and we look forward to see your event in the papers.

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