Sunshine Coast Outdoor Stage Hire That Can’t Be Beaten

Sunshine Coast Outdoor Stage HireIf you are running an outdoor concert, festival or event, you need the right staging and equipment. During summer, festivals and concerts are the main gigs for most entertainment companies, Festival Hire included. They are the best Sunshine Coast outdoor stage hire company around.

Festival Hire has the best range of indoor and outdoor stage hire options available in the Southeast Queensland Region. They not only supply the stages, but they are the company that makes them and erects them on the day. That means that if there is ever a problem, Festival Hire knows how to fix it because they made it.

Whether your event is a single stage concert or a multi-stage festival, you need a team that knows what you need and how to get it. Festival Hire has amazing outdoor stage hire options for you to choose from giving you the freedom to stay inside your budget.

Outdoor Stage Hire and Sizes

With all the different needs from a stage, you need to decide a few things before ordering the stage. You need to know the biggest group/band you’ll have on your stage. You need to know this because you will need to order a stage big enough to fit them. So if it’s only a solo stage, you’ll only need enough space for a soloist and the foldbacks. If there’s a 10 piece band playing, you’ll need to accommodate that many people. You may need a fold back operator or storage areas for keeping things safe on stage overnight. You also might need a green room or two for your artists to get ready. All of these factors go into play when you are ordering a stage from Festival Hire.

Other Things Festival Hire Can Supply

Festival hire also has access to PA Systems, lighting rigs, lighting and sound engineers, tents, marquees, crowd control barriers and so much more.

Make sure you book your outdoor stage hire as soon as possible because Festival Hire’s summer schedule gets full quickly. For more information from them, contact Festival Hire and work with the company that makes the stages.